Monday, December 15, 2008

Jeni the Designer

Anyone want to buy an Owl Cowl Pattern:

Thanks for stopping by.


Denise said...

Hi there, I just bought the Hedwig Owl Cowl pattern. I'm wondering if there is a an error on round 3? I'm on to round 4 and it appears that I am purling some stitches that should be knit.
Should round 3 read: p2,C4B, K4 (not k2 as the pattern states)C4F, p2.
This gives a total of 16 stitches as in the first and second rows(p2,k12,p2).
The pattern only shows 14 st in round 3 right now.
If you could email me at I would appreciate it - thanks

Denise said...

me again! I there is another small error this time on round 17 of the owl pattern. It should say p2 at the end (at least that's what I did to keep the pattern correct).
Also, do I need to change back to the smaller needles to knit the remainder of the cowl after the owl pattern?