Monday, December 15, 2008

Jeni the Designer

Anyone want to buy an Owl Cowl Pattern:

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall must be for finishing, I have been on a rampage. In the last few weeks I have finished:

My mothers Minimalist Cardigan

All Seasons Vest
Mirage (still need finished pictures)

I have to admit Mirage may be favorite project ever. I love how it fits, I love wearing it. I can be obsess about my finished projects especially when I wear them, I find all the tiny flaws. This one I have yet to do this. I just love how great it fits and looks.

I was so into the finishing I started rummaging through my WIP to find things close to being done that I could finish. Sadly I don't have much else that doesn't need a whole lot of work before it will be done. I do have the Koslva that is very close and I am sort of working on that.

With all the finishing, that means one thing, startitis is in full swing. I started the Serenity sweater, and have two sleeves down and the body started. Here we come yoking!

Finishing is fun!! I wish I had more I could do that were closer to being done.

I think my next thing will be small projects I can finish quickly. Hats, cowls and such!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


We made it home, begrudgingly, but home. The only good reason I was excited to go home was we stopped at IKEA. I had never been in an IKEA before, I had sent Mark previously to get me a yarntainer so he tried to warn me on how much more could really fit in our packed car. I did ok, I had to show restraint but the main reason for going was another yarntainer, more like a booktainer this time. And various other fun things.

Vacation was awesome I love that place. I realized when I got home I did not have any pictures of Mark and I together. Knitting was done, I stared a project right when we left and was obsessed. That pesky sweater for my mothers birthday did not see any action until the drive home. Many Barn raising squares were made (great drive time knitting). I also started the summer Year of Lace project. But of the duffle full of yarn I brought along, many projects saw little to no time, oh well I do have one finished project now blocking from the trip.

Puppies also learned to swim, this dog loves water... Helps when you have a friend!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Happy Place...

I am off to the Happy Place for 2 whole weeks!!! I am beyond excited. So excited I am not sure I even have any current knitting content with pictures to blog about. Crazy I know. Odd how I rarely post, then post to announce I will be gone. You may have never known.

I have a whole duffle bag full of projects. And this unlike most vacations includes a whole crapton of knitting!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things are getting done over here, I promise. Including at the house (sorry no pics, but if the kitchen was clean it would be ready for pics), dog, yard, yarning, and so on.

The lace addiction has been set aside by sweater guilt, or more sweater multiplying which causes sweater guilt, so you see I must work on a current sweater in hopes of finishing so I can then start a new one. Yes a complicated process but we try and keep the guilt down over here.

First I have been working on Rusted Root for quite a while and just this week progress has been very quick. I just cast off the body and am ready to do my sleeves.

Some lace was going on, and I have a few others I want to start since my Estes loot was a big share of lace weight. I have started the Spanish Armada and it is coming along great. I am loving the lace in the round. I think this might turn out to be a kitchen curtain, have to use that lace somewhere right?

The little fella is growing too, getting so dang big, and cute.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Version 2, I know I only have one but I knit this twice due to crap dye lots and what not. But I love the outcome. Will I ever wear it, I am not so sure. More pictures here.

The hardest part for me about finishing this is that I have no lace project to go to now, nothing I have been looking at compares to this knit for me. I am a picky lace knitter, I love to knit lace for the sheer challenge of it. I don't really care if I ever wear it or not, but I want it to be fun and I have to really love the pattern. I think I am slowly becoming obsessed with the Herbert Nieblings stuff, it is amazing. Also hard to find patterns and what not for. Just look at this!

I am muddling through some stuff until I can find the next perfect lace knit for me. Suggestions?

Friday, May 23, 2008

First a slight change in the blog location......

I hope the quarterly post does not turn into the semi-annual post. Things have been going on around her, knitting, gardening, puppying and so on. Oh even some dyeing, with wonderful help. Ok I was really helping her.

See that pretty green yard in the back.... I am ready for the garden to just be, water only. All this other stuff is taking away from knitting time.

Progress is being made on many fronts, like Michelle I seem to be all into blankets, fun portable and easy! The Barn Raising and my Modern Log cabin are getting most of the attention lately, mindless I tell you.

And there is the puppy!! He is getting big but still looks like a puppy to me.